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Ready, Set,... Go!

With Punxsutawney Phil's promise that Spring is around the corner, the year is well underway and so are we.  February is Black History Month, which carries significant Jessie Redmon Fausethistorical resonance for many members.

I’m enormously proud of the legacy of African American graduates of Girls High, a heritage too rich to be contained here. From Jessie Redmon Fauset, our first African American graduate (right), to Mary Schmidt Campbell, we have many reasons to be proud.  It’s that school pride and passion that stokes our enthusiasm for this year’s initiatives, just a few of which I bring to your attention below.

First, an update on the status of proceeds from the Winter Concert. We raised $8000 through concert ticket sales and sales of the commemorative t-shirts.  Additionally, the 209 (Class of ’65) made a donation of $13,500 earmarked for the preservation of the GHS music program. Girls High administrative concerns and School District of Philadelphia protocols are delaying acceptance of the money. We’re grateful for your donations and will keep you updated on resolution of this situation.

We need to hear from you, Alumnae, and there are multiple ways you can express your views.

Alumnae Questionnaire.  We thank you, in advance, for completing a brief questionnaire that will assist us in enhancing support and educational opportunities for students of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, which is the mission of the Alumnae Association. In addition to the link above, you'll find the Questionnaire under the Highlights tab.


Most questions are voluntary, and mandatory questions require no personal information. If any questions cause delay or discomfort, just skip them and complete the experience in 10 minutes or less.

You do not have to be a member of the Association to complete the questionnaire, so feel free to share the link with friends in other classes by pointing them to our website's Highlights tab. Thanks again for taking the time.

What better occasion to wear school spirit than at your Class Reunion? Sisterhood inspires many of us to stay actively connected with classmates and friends. Old memories are sweet and new memories are created at alumnae class reunions and events. Stay abreast of reunion planning on our Reunions Page, and inspire us with photos of your events afterward to keep our website vital and current.

Alumnae Shop

Pride and passion made the Girl’s High Alumnae Shop one of the most eagerly awaited initiatives of 2015. So, I suspect the reason sales haven’t been reflective of that excitement is that word hasn’t gotten out yet to everyone.

Help spread the word that our popular gear is now available for purchase and ordering has never been easier than at the Alumnae Shop. The Winter Concert souvenir design will be available soon. Start shopping today.

Remember to send alumnae updates, including all pertinent details and your contact information to Tina Grau at GHS1980@msn.com. As always, we appreciate your participation in keeping our site current with GHS alumnae mentions and photographs, and notification of the passage of dearly remembered sisters in our circle.

Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming Annual Luncheon. Have you registered yet?  There's still time to get the early bird discount! Ready, set, go!

Girls High. Always.

Antoinette (Toni) Bailey Nottingham
President, The Alumnae Association

Introducing Three New Social Media Projects

New Social Media ProjectsThe Communications Committee of the Alumnae Association is excited to announce the launch of three social media projects.  Over the next three months, we will be introducing an interactive map, a social meme that will let the world know you’re a proud GFS graduate, and a monthly spotlight of an alum.

 “Where in the World” will add a visual highlight to a fact that every alum knows; Girls High Girls are everywhere!!!  This interactive map will show our sisters far and close.

Another project is a meme that with the theme “I’m a Girls High Girl…” When you see it, please add your special memories of what makes you a Girls’ High Girl.

Our last social media project unfolds in two parts; the first will be a contest to name the initiative. The winner will receive a gift card for dinner for two. The Court of Distinguished Daughters is a much anticipated bi-annual celebration of those graduates who have reached the summit of their fields of endeavor. Jill Scott, Lisa Aversa Richette, Gloria Allred, Judith Rodin and Jessie Redmond Fausett, to just name a few, are representative of those who have achieved success in a variety of disciplines. Law, Politics, Education and the Arts; there is not a field that a Girls’ High girl has not conquered.

Read more in Highlights...

Our Mission

The mission of the Association shall be to perpetuate the ideals and promote the welfare of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, to further and protect the interests of the Association and its members, to cultivate fellowship and helpfulness among them and to advance in every way all efforts looking to the enlargement and enhancement of opportunities for women.

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