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Antoinette Nottingham, PresidentExecutive Board Retreat: A Recap

We’ve already begun activating plans crystalized during the most productive Executive Retreat we’ve ever convened.  Yes, I know that I say that every year.  It’s simply because ever year our retreats keep getting better.

Our theme in August was A Vision Forward and we raised the bar. Challenged with an aggressive retreat agenda, we completed a two-year plan and aligned it with our key objectives, all during a single session. We had strong turnout, excellent engagement and we accomplished our 2016-2018 plan and more. With varied perspectives, a plethora of activities, and credible concerns amidst shifting roles and responsibilities, the unity among us in that room resonates with me still.

It’s important to understand the plan, because we are calling upon you urgently. We're asking you to convert words to action, to demonstrate the school spirit you express vocally with a donation, to pause before posting your next Facebook comment to ask yourself seriously, 'what was the last thing I did concretely to support the Alumnae Association?' The urgency of our call to action cannot be overstated.  We need all of us to step up, putting your heartfelt prayers to action moving forward!  Here's the overview.

Key Objective

To work to enrich our Association, to support the Philadelphia High School for Girls, and to empower superior female single-sex education across the United States.  (Note: this does not replace our mission (below); it is simply a focus statement.)

Tactical Plan

  • Increase visibility of the association and its work
  • Nurture relationships across GHS (students/staff/PTDA/alumnae/media/community)
  • Build our financial resources
  • Grow our active membership

Shirley Franklin, Former Mayor of Atlanta

These aren’t just the goals of a board or committee. It will take each of us, ingnited by common objectives, investing together, emboldened by the heritage of our leaders, pioneers and disruptors, strengthened by Girls High spirit to manifest a vision this ambitious.

So, start planning now for the 128th Annual Meeting/Luncheon, Saturday, April 22, 2017  where we’ll feature our own Shirley Clark Franklin, former Mayor of Atlanta. She'll be sharing the wisdom of her experience meeting the challenge of educating future generations.

Sisters, we’ve accomplished far too many firsts to allow Girls High to rank last.  We hold the keys that will open doors for future Girls High leaders, pioneers and disruptors.  Demonstrate your support today.

Girls High Forever,
Antoinette (Toni) Nottingham
President, Alumnae Association

Classic Cars Under the Stars... Cancelled with Regrets

Girls HIgh School beautiful sketchDear Alumnae Sisters:

This letter is to regretfully inform you that our planned Classic Cars Under the Stars, scheduled for October 28, 2016, is being cancelled. We were very excited about the event and were in the final stages of our meticulous preparation. However, below expected subscription has forced us to cancel this gathering. All registrants have been given a full refund.

We are planning another gathering, and as soon as the date is finalized, we will announce it. In the meantime, we encourage your support for the 128th Annual Meeting and Luncheon on April 22, 2017. The Honorable Shirley Clarke Franklin (’63), former mayor of Atlanta, GA, will be our keynote speaker.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand our circumstances. Thank you.


Membership Committee
Alumnae Association of the
Philadelphia High School for Girls

Our Mission

Statue of the Girls High School of PhiladelphiaThe mission of the Association shall be to perpetuate the ideals and promote the welfare of the Philadelphia High School for Girls, to further and protect the interests of the Association and its members, to cultivate fellowship and helpfulness among them and to advance in every way all efforts looking to the enlargement and enhancement of opportunities for women.

© Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia High School for Girls
P.O. Box 845 Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

Email:  askghs@ghsalumnae.org

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